Emotions drive all your behaviour!

Understand how to leverage your brain to create habits that better serve you and your goals. Manage unhelpful thoughts which keep you feeling stuck from moving forwards.
Your emotions and mindset affect your levels of success and wellbeing.
 Learn to understand and tame your 'Stone Age' brain in 12 minutes.
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I'm Sharon Box, a Behavioural Investigator with 30+ years' experience in corporate communications and qualifications in business and social science.

I’m here to help you navigate emotions, truth and lies with more accuracy by understanding the science behind reading the people and mixed messages you encounter in your life.

I help you analyse and decode facial expressions, emotions and nonverbal communication (body language) so you can make more informed decisions, maximise opportunities, minimise risks, seek better outcomes for yourself and have useful strategies to nurture your mindset and wellbeing.

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"The skills Sharon passed on to me will be invaluable in my professional and personal life. I've already put some of what I learnt into practice with positive results!"
- Clara Deans
"You have opened my mind up to the wide world of behavioural sciences and an exciting journey. Thank you!"
- Kira Macwilliams
"I'm happy to recommend Sharon to organisations or executives who want their thinking challenged and who are seeking greater insight into people and their behaviours. Sharon has a natural, warm and friendly style and is well versed in corporate life."
- David Nicholson