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No more mixed messages - read emotions and facial expressions with more accuracy

Most days it's likely you'll have encountered mixed messages and confusing communication signals.

Learn to read facial expressions and emotions more accurately to have a positive impact on your mindset, wellbeing and level of success.

Understand how the correct interpretation of what you see unfold on a face will give you an edge in your communication and give you a competitive advantage when you know the true emotional state of someone.


What you'll get:

  • A unique video on demand training course packed with actionable skills backed by behavioural science to help you decode faces and emotions and the messages they convey
  • Audio commentary which supplements the images, videos and examples
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Bonus resource - PDF download to reinforce learning

What People Are Saying:

I had the pleasure of attending Sharon's masterclass and it was as entertaining as it was educational. There were so many great take aways that I was oblivious to and Sharon is so skilled with sharing her experience and knowledge. If you interact with people this is a great masterclass to take part in and I look forward to having some fun with family and friends seeing how astute I've become.

Dave Edwards

I'm happy to recommend Sharon to organisations or executives who want their thinking challenged and who are seeking greater insight into people and their behaviours. Sharon's knowledge is not only very interesting, it's also valuable and will assist anyone involved in staff negotiations and organisational contracts. Sharon has a natural, warm and friendly style and is well versed in corporate life.

David Nicholson

Thanks for an informative and insightful programme Sharon. I'd certainly attend your future events and will recommend these programmes to my clients.

Rajiv Ragan

I just wanted to say thank you Sharon Box for sharing what you know about behavioural science and helping the group navigate behaviour and the emotional landscape. I personally found the workshop to be very informative. She is very knowledgeable and provided the attendees with specific hands-on skills. The masterclass was fun and definitely helped me to develop myself by levelling up my interpersonal and people reading skills. Her personality and presentation style was engaging and the interactive participation made for some powerful insights. The skills Sharon passed on to me will be invaluable in my professional and personal life. I've already put some of what I learnt into practice with positive results!

Clara Deans

I just wanted to say thank you Sharon Box for your insightful session on behavioural sciences and detecting deception. I recommend anyone who wants to improve on their team management, interpersonal skills, hiring/recruitment, behavioural analysis to come to you to develop their skills. It felt like your knowledge was second nature to you, as you remained your warm humble self while delivering the content. You have opened my mind up to the wide world of behavioural sciences and an exciting journey. Thank you!

Kira Macwilliams